Corporate training – waste of time?

Do you think the corporate training courses work towards achieving the goal set prior to the training?

Well, in most of the cases I have seen and heard of it does not help !

What I have seen instead is the fact that the training courses and the on the job work does not really go hand in hand.  I have seen that the application support team being training in a Weblogic related development course rather than incident management, or ITIL courses. 

What really frustrates me is that in most of the companies (well I have only seen few myself, but heard a lot though) that the training courses are not fine tuned or aligned with the job profiles of the professionals undergoing training but mostly are the ones that are sold by the vendors and are standard courses.

This does not really gel well in the long term as the person, despite undergoing training, can not do his / her job efficiently and is blamed for the failures.  It does not work that way does it ?

Weirdly, what I have also seen is the corporate companies forcing compulsory training programmes for the associates and link them to their appraisals etc. Well, in a good sense if all goes well and if all ends tie well, this could well be good for the growth and progress of the organization, but as I said earlier, more often than not they do not end up improving either organization or the associate both.

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