My new mobile and Windows mobile 6.5

I have been wanting to buy a new mobile phone since last so many months … but have not been able to buy one so far 🙁

First I wanted to go for an iPhone, but settled with buying an iPod touch instead and then with the experience I got from iPod touch, I decided against going for iPhone and realigned my interest in the WinMo based devices.  I have read several reviews on the phones and finally settled my thinking around three devices,  Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1, Samsung Omnia and finally the beast itself HTC Touch HD.  After doing a round of reviews of same on phonearena, mobileburn and so many other notable sites, I have now settled myself to buy HTC Touch HD.

Enter the rumours of Windows Mobile 6.5! Now I have been wanting to wait for the mobile world congress at Barcelona where Microsoft supposedly will be unveiling the mask over WinMo 6.5 operating system. I have seen quite a few pictures on XDA-developers site and I have been quite impressed with the way this would change the usability of Windows from current not-so-touch-friendly windows mobile 6.1 version that runs on above mentioned devices.  I especially like the idea of having scrollable honeycomb app launcher.

What encourages me is the fact that there have been mentions of potential ROM cookers on XDA-developers & Modaco about eventually porting the WinMo 6.5 on the HTC Touch HD.  So hopefully if my resilience to keep away from buying mobile gives up over my wish to buy one, I would be having the new toy with me by end of next week.  Otherwise, I would definitely wait for mobile world congress to get over and see what the blokes at Microsoft gives us in terms of WinMo 6.5 !

Meanwhile you can enjoy the information on the HTC Touch HD on the following links.

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