cake… and I almost forgot that !

I went to the admin interface and noticed that I started this blog on 26th January and put up my first post “Hello world” here !

Started this blog as one of my new year resolutions to get myself on the internet and finally on my 3rd attempt to do so, it looks to have settled now !

During this month I have managed gather approx 425 visits on my website (as of now), over 48 posts (including this) on this blog, classified in 10 categories and they use over 60 tags which, probably I did not anticipate when I created this blog.

Cheers & Happy 1st month birthday to Sollers !

Thank GOD its Friday again.

Definitely looking forward for the Carling Cup final on Sunday between United & Tottenham. Hopefully I would have gained some bragging rights over few of my colleagues by winning the trophy at Wembley.

Meanwhile, enjoy few cool Dilbert strips on IIT engineers (read Asok).






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Today, I have quick tried my hands on the Microsoft Tag reader software. Installed it via Microsoft site on my Touch HD and subscribed via internet to create a tag for my site.

Microsoft_Tag_Sollerthoughtscouk You will see the actual tag on the right hand side bar at the bottom. The software is really good but remains to be seen what you can use it for really.

To get more info on that, visit Microsoft’s site here.  So, now I can say that I am tagged !

Prepare yourself

In any job you do, it is very important for you to set up your own goals. Unless you are clear on where you want to go in your career and what your objectives are then most probably you would end up being wood floating on a river.

So, set yourself goals. Realistic, achievable and most notably demonstrable goals, where you could show the output to your managers and peers. It always helps to have, as I said, realistic goals that could possibly achieved in a short term (3-6 months) and long term (2+ years). 

One thing that you should keep in mind while setting goals is the fact that unless your goals satisfy two prime criteria. They are,

  1. Does it benefit your project / organization?
  2. Can that give you a value or a weight in your performance report?

Ok, once you have made your mind clear on the goals then the first and foremost thing you should do is to set the ball rolling by starting to work hard (read smart) in your project and demonstrate that you are absolutely keen and dedicated to the cause of the project (and organization).

Few actions you would like to note are,

  • Understand the project quickly
  • Be a good team player and a listener
  • Help others in the team
  • Demonstrate good results in the project and be dependable
  • Show you can carry out the project on your own shoulders (secret tip – read it as make the project dependant on you) !

Typically you expect to get ready to move into 2nd gear of your progression over a period of 6-8 months.  Once you have have met all above, you are ready to step into the next step and take more challenges on board.

Will write about the step two, in my part three sometime over next few days, so keep an eye here!

This is a series of FOUR posts on Guide for career progression – 3Ps process.  Other posts on this could be found below.

Part ONE – Overview
Part TWO – Prepare yourself
Part THREE – Practice hard, become a key player
Part FOUR – Pass it on & progress

I have been wanting to write about this since a long time, however it took a real long time for me to think appropriately and make my mind on what I should post here. Well, finally I have tried to consolidate few thoughts in my mind about this and putting them here for you all to read / think and if you feel, act on them.

The progress of one in his career is as dependent on hard work, luck as you identifying the right opportunity, sensing chances and making your moves at the right time. The more you move up in the corporate chain, the more it makes things competitive and tougher to break.

In my relatively moderate experience and what I have seen around me, I have tried to devise the progression from one level to another into three step process, which if you work upon, and provided you identify opportunity, sense chances and make your moves at the right time, could help you progress in your career.

Now, before I move on the steps and uncover you the secret, I may warn you that this may not be obviously applicable in all possible cases and all possible job types. My little brain has worked only in the IT sector where you have typical organizational hierarchical structure to deal with and most importantly, you are interested in growing yourself up in the corporate ladder at any cost !

 edit  First pledge to me that you will never break this secret to anyone !

       Great ! Thanks for your pledge. I can proceed happily now !

Moving on now to the three step process I mentioned earlier. The process is typically covered over a period of 2-3 years (considering the IT scenario now) so you must have a patience, a will to put shifts & hard work, capability to learn new things / skills as well as unlearn if the time demands you to do so and pray for a little bit of luck along the way.

The three steps of the process are Prepare, Practice & Pass. So henceforth I would call it as a 3Ps process.

I hope to publish a series of about 4 posts (including this) on career progression and how you can use the 3Ps process (Prepare, Practice & Pass) for your benefit.

Till then, enjoy your time on my blog and as usual thanks for visiting the it.

This is a series of FOUR posts on Guide for career progression – 3Ps process.  Other posts on this could be found below.

Part ONE – Overview
Part TWO – Prepare yourself
Part THREE – Practice hard, become a key player
Part FOUR – Pass it on & progress