$10 laptop – is this a reality?

India today unveiled the ‘world’s cheapest laptop’ priced somewhere between $10 – $20.  This will be named ‘Sakshat’ and will be available for $10 after 6 months when it goes into into mass production.  This is invented jointly by Government of India (Education ministry), IISc Bangalore & IIT Chennai.  This will have Linux OS, 2GB memory, Wi-fi & Ethernet connection and is primarily aimed at rural education upbringing and students across the country for education purposes.

If you want to know more of the same, just search the keyword “India $10 laptop” in Google news section and you would know latest info on the same.  No official pictures or specs are out as yet though ..

Will this be a success and a reality? Only the time will tell, especially when the much publicised $100 laptop scheme has missed the mark !

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