Toshiba’s TG01 – Is this the iWinMoPhone ?

I posted earlier about my wish to buy the HTC Touch HD as I thought it was the most impressive Windows Mobile based device available today in the marked. However, after reading the news about the Toshiba’s new TG01 device, I am really keen to see the phone in flesh and think it might be the perfect phone to be available on Windows Mobile.  This is scheduled to launch in the ‘summer’ in the Europe. 

Toshiba TG01

You can find more of the TG01’s pictures and video hands-on website on the following links,

The things that impressed me are as follows,

1 GHz processor
4.1 inch display
800×480 display
Multi-pan rotating display

Although it would contain the resistive touch screen, which is bit of shame for this device though, it looks really really impressive and worth waiting.  Hopefully Toshiba will unveil it in the MWC this month at Barcelona.

Photo via [Slashgear]

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