Get a disposable (or melt-able) email address here..

Just came across the site that allows you to forward emails to your real email address behind the disposable email address given to you when you enter your real email address on the site.

meltmail.com_ Really cool feature when you require to do submit your email address but do not want to permanently subscribe to the emails.  And also useful when you need to have to really hide your real email address from spammers and junk-emailers to safeguard your privacy.

As per the information on the website it says,

“With Melt Mail, you only give your unique Melt Mail address (which forwards to your own), get the desired information and after a defined period of time (the melting point) the Melt Mail address will be deleted.”

You can have your meltmail email address for a period of up to 3, 6, 12 & 24 hours so you can do all your job of using this email address as per your need.

The site also says,

“After the melting point is reached, we delete your real e-mail address from our database and also the Meltmail won’t be available anymore.
So, we only store your e-mail address during the period of time you defined with the melting point.”

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