Really simple syndication and how it helps me keep up to date with life around !

Are you a freak about wanting to know the latest developments around yourself in the world? Do you use smartphones, laptops to keep yourself up to date with them? Do you use RSS (Really simple syndication) to do so?

If the answer to above question is yes, then I think you must be aware of the power of online tools that allows you to keep your life in sync with all the latest gadgets that you have with you. And more over you must use tools provided by NewsGator to do so ! They are so good and so simple !

All you require to do is to go to NewsGator site , create yourself an account and add the feeds you need.  Then, you have a vast variety of clients available to use and install on your owned devices such as Windows Mobile phone, Java based phone, Laptops, Computer, iPhone, Blackberry etc., and keep all your feeds in sync.

I have the NewsGator clients installed on my laptop (called FeedDemon), one on my Windows mobile handset (called NewsGator Go!), one on my Symbian S60 based Nokia N95 phone (again NewsGator Go!) and one on my iPod touch (called NetNewsWire). This helps me to organize and keep my feeds in sync and allows me to read the latest news and information across the world through my feed subscriptions on any of my devices. And the coolest part is it keeps the read / unread status in sync too .. !

If you are in a need of a really good news syndicator and do not want to open your computer every time you want to know about the latest news, then I would really recommend you to try out your hands on this.

Click here if you want to go to the page directly and download the clients for your compatible device.

Its really simple and very effective !

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