Recession, economic downturn and how reality bites ! – Part 2

I did post some of the experiences of the recession and its effects happening in the office world yesterday here, there are several things happening at nearby places where I live, making the effects of credit crunch more visible.

Some of the things that have happened and are obviously known to everyone, most notably the closure of the Woolworths stores across UK (one was near to my house) and several other key high street retailers are giving out closure notices to customers and going on closing down sales ! The situation is really pathetic here in UK and you see general worry on the faces of most of common people 🙁

One particular instance that I felt really bad was the fact that a corner grocery shop next to my house was forced a closure because those could not really afford to keep the shop up and afford the regular expenses of it. They are a very nice Sri Lankan couple and really good guys. They had recently opened a new Asian groceries store next to their off-license shop and I was really looking forward for them to make good economic progress due to it, but nonetheless it was not to be. Finally after 3 months of having the shop opened, they had to close it due to affordability issues. I felt really bad for them for the closure of their shop ! Good to see at least their off-license shop is working as it used to work.

The sterling value is also dropped significantly against all other major currencies in the world and obviously a worry for all of us in general.

Anyways, I really hope this gets over, and rather soon ! Finally, just to make my mind free, I want to say “F**k you” to all those banks, their senior management and policy makers and the people who are responsible for this state of economy.

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