Still confused about my next phone .. and I hate iPhone!

How long do you think you would remain confused over an issue? A week, 10 days, month, two months? Gosh .. I still have not been able to make my mind up on where to spend my bucks and a buy a new mobile.  First I was really really wanted to buy the HTC Touch HD and when I was on the top of my excitement, the shop never had a stock and thus could never buy one.  Day before yesterday the person at the shop told me that Xperia X1 is likely to be in the stock this week so it made me think if I should ditch the Touch HD & go for Xperia X1.

I did research a lot online to do a comparison between the phones and most of the people online seems to suggest that Touch HD is much better than Xperia and hence I am now thinking its worth waiting for the stock to arrive. Also, the pace at which technology is moving and hopefully WinMo 6.5 is round the corner, I am really holding myself back to really get a good preview and confirmation that the new phone will be compatible with it. Hopefully the guys at XDA forums & Modaco will cook a ROM soon after the MWC next week and release for either of above phones to make me buy something.

One more thing, I absolutely hate iPhone. Like Nokia S60 phone and having it since sometime (N95) but just like Microsoft stuff and obviously WinMo !

Enjoy a video below from with regards to iPhone and how it perceives others .. one of my reasons to hate iPhone !  Don’t forget to put your headphones on :-) 


[Video via Engadget via CollegeHumor]

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