‘One’chester ‘Nil’ited

Let me be clear first that I am a Red Devils fan and do not want to make a fun of the recent run of form of United.

However, I have been left impressed with the resolute defending and passion of the players to hang on to the win while only a goal up against the opposition.

ManUtdOneNil I am sure that luck can favour once, twice but not so many times in a row and this is more to do with the skills of our players, resolve and mentality of ‘not to lose’ the games. This is a significant improvement from the last year when we had conceded few easy goals in some matches and won the games only because we had scored more.

I am quite sure that we would come back in form to destroy few teams in next few matches. I think the ‘start’ has happened to our main scorers of last season and almost all important players have had a goals in recent past and are hopefully ready to kick in few more each week. 

I am enjoying the new found resolve in the team, but admit we must start scoring and get rid of 1-0 score line now. Who knows, it might come to the goal difference this year, as it was nearly there last year?

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