Usual Monday blues …

I am honestly running blank on thoughts today.  Monday, being a start of the week, probably did not allow me, so far, to think on what should I post here.  Did too many things so far though .. had a P1 incident today on our site and had to be on the call with the ASG teams to see what was happening. Pretty weird incident and was happening intermittently, fortunately was RCA’ed to the database that was causing and throwing several errors that got cascaded to the front end and to the portal.  Anyways, that was the business as usual at work.

Since last 2 hours, I have been following the Microsoft’s press conference on Engadget’s live blog. Pretty exciting stuff there but probably nothing that I was not expecting though.  Usual stuff about the WinMo 6.5, My Phone and new phones coming on HTC & LG. I liked that and will keep an eye on that development !

Weekend was pretty OK and was better after Manchester United’s victory over Derby county. I was impressed by old horse Giggsy and the new kid Darren Gibson. Hopefully Gibbo will grow in the role that was played so effectively by midfield maestro Paul Scholes for so many years in United shirt. Rolando was at his fiery best and probably was right in celebrating it when he actually and legitimately scored his first (and United’s third) goal after break. I was kinda expecting that after the goal in the first half was ruled out for offside. Anyways, next round draw had been kind and I do not think the away trip to Swansea or Fulham will give goosebumps in any of United’s supporters as of now so I expect us to be in Semi final rather easily.  … did I say that ? Ohh, keeping fingers crossed for this !

Also did take time to watch Inter – Milan derby though, probably a worthy win for Inter in that. They are our next opponents in the Champions league and one to keep watch will obviously be Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was rather good in yesterdays’ match. Inter did not cause much worry though to me as being our next opponents and I expect us to go through to next round and reach quarters.

Effects of recession are growing worse now and couple of my friends will leave for India next week and a week after so we would rather be a thin group of people left here in London ! Anyways.. hopefully good times will come back .. and please ! Soon !

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