Ideal windows phone design .. dual slide out mobile?

I have been thinking recently about a phone that has dual slide keyboard horizontal as well vertical. I am not a mobile phone designer and I do not know how I can actually design this properly using an appropriate tool, but here is my vision (though vague) and I tried to show it via a simple Power point tool.

The coolest part of this will be the dual slide out keyboard that you can use as per your needs. The vertical slide down will give you normal number pad and T9 input. The slide left will pop out a full QWERTY keyboard with the landscape mode on the screen.


I love Windows Phone (aka Windows mobile) so I would like to see this to be the windows mobile phone :-)  Also, I do not know how this will work out in terms of actual design, but I would absolutely love this kind of design if at all it comes to the market.

Let me know what you think of this? Do you find this cool or .. absolutely useless?


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