Weekend review & match with Inter

Ohh .. the weekend was really good this time !

Manchester United beat Blackburn 2-1 (yes, they leaked a goal !) and to make matters even sweeter ever dependable at home Scousers were held by Man City 1-1 at home ! So things look good now with a 7 point cushion on top of the table.

I predicted in my article earlier here that Liverpool are more likely to undergo slump than Chelsea and by God, Rafa is trying to prove me so right here ! Despite we having the lead by our side, I still think the title is not yet truly sealed and expect more twists and turns in coming days.

Starting tomorrow with the most important match to date in the season, our meeting with Inter, will be very interesting and one to look forward to. I am sad that we do not have much defensive options for this match, but I am really looking forward for Berba, Roo, Ron & Tev to combine well and give Inter a lesson.

well, not easy though, but next few weeks, rather days will define the destiny of the club and its pursue of, so called, Quintaple.

Cheers and have a great week ahead !

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