Inactivity in last couple of days on the blog ..

Sorry for not being regular on the blog for a while, its been a busy time at work as well at home.

Some quick personal updates over the period,

  • Got the delivery of my new mobile handset.  Its been long wait but I am now convinced, worth it ! I posted few topics on my pursue of the new handset here & here !  So finally, I got my hands on it !
  • Immediately flushed the ROM to upgrade it to the Dutty’s ROM (excellent work there by the way), available on his website.
  • Applied the InvisibleShield to my mobile just to make it scratch proof so my new beauty wouldn’t get hurt !
  • Installed quite a few applications from XDA-developers and just liking my new toy even more !
  • Obviously enjoyed the match between United & Inter Milan where we played Inter off the park for most of the match.  Did not actually expect that kind of performance from our side before it started, was a bit nervous I must admit. Quick thoughts on the match are here

I plan to take some time out at home today to post few more topics on career management, especially the way I perceive how you can manage your own progression and how you should plan for it !

Watch the space for more of this and thanks for your visit as usual !


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