Last month I wrote an article on the emerging technologies & their influence on the traditional telecom services provider here.

I have been doing some more reading on this front and one of the most interesting article (research paper) I came across was from IBM on “The changing face of Telecommunications”. There is a PDF file you can download and read during your leisure time to get to know more about their thinking.

The paper concentrates on the aspect of the growing influence of the non-traditional telecom service providers such as Skype and the ever growing size of the people using Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Orkut etc to get in touch with each other.


The white paper also shows the stats taken from Alexa about how the usage of social media & social networking sites have grown in last few years. The bi-year comparison clearly shows how the sites such as Facebook, Myspace & Orkut are growing in the user base.

The IBM research pretty much sums up what I expect to happen in the field of Internet & Telecommunications in coming years.

Unless the traditional Telco’s such as British Telecom, Vodafone, Telefonica etc., starts welcoming the changes and act accordingly to provide a open & free options for their users to interact between themselves, I guess the day is not far when companies like Skype will take them over and be the preferred telecom providers.

So we are now off to the international break of 2 weeks and no real quality football will be on display until premiership resumes in a week’s time from now.

The Intl break is really killing and absence of premiership really makes things boring and making me look for alternatives ! Yeah, cricket is sort of option but honestly the way West Indies – England or even India –New Zealand matches are going, I guess you are better of watching old videos .. only the Aus – SA series is something to look forward to really !

Hopefully Man United will come back as a better team after the international break  and will go on to finish the season strongly this year as well. 

Can’t wait for premiership to resume …


Have managed to create a small video and show you how its done. Probably would help you even better..

You can see the text version of the instructions on my previous entry here.

** Note – The Windows media player gives error because I am connected to the PC and it has issues accessing the Contract WAP network while in active sync with PC.  Take the cable off and try again, it should work !

Device- HTC Touch HD
ROM – Miri’s Windows Mobile 6.5 (XDA-Developers forum here!)
Video taken using – MyMobiler

TATA nano was launched yesterday in India and the bookings for the ‘world’s cheapest car’ will start on 09 April 09 !

Well done TATA to help millions of Indians dare to realize their dream of buying a 4 wheel drive. This is a moment for all Indians to be proud of and hail TATA for fulfilling our dream !

 cam1b_colors_yellow I would love to buy a nano, not just because of its price tag or me being patriotic Indian, but it looks really good ‘small’ car and its really cute to be in one !

TATA should be applauded to dare to dream and subsequently fulfil it. Apparently TATA got the idea of nano when he saw a family of 4 driving on a scooter. He wanted to give Indian people a safe option and more importantly an affordable option to drive on Indian streets and he has definitely achieved his ambition.

Although the basic version of nano will not exactly cost as the price mentioned on its tin (100k rupees) but would eventually cost in the range of 120-130k rupees depending on where you buy.

Visit nano’s website for more information and take time to visit and appreciate the work there by TATA !

Proud to be an Indian !