Career progression guide – 3p process

I thought it might be sensible to publish a post giving the links to all the four posts I put on my blog together so it would be easy for readers to track and view them properly.  So here you go,

Guide for career progression – 3Ps process is a series of FOUR posts.  Other posts on this could be found below.

Part ONE – Overview

Tells about what the process is all about and what are the important phases in the process.

Part TWO – Prepare yourself

Tells about how to prepare yourself and what are the important things that you should keep in mind.

Part THREE – Practice hard, become a key player

Tells about how to become a key player in the project and carry out important responsibilities and showing results on the job.

Part FOUR – Pass it on & progress

Finally, tells about how to move on and be ready for next step.


Thanks for reading.

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