Another story on recession ..

I do not know who is the author of the story, so can not direct the credits to the author. This was forwarded to me by one of my friends and thought worth putting on my blog.

So here you go,


A very poor uneducated villager starts a snacks centre on a busy street in city with a small rocket stove, pan and some basic equipment. Initially there is very slow response and slowly people start liking it. Rush increases day by day and he upgrades to a better bigger stoves, larger equipment, recruits a few helpers and his business goes in boom. By that time his son just graduates and he brings the son also in business. Few days go by and one fine day son tells father – ‘Dad, do you know there is a recession?’,

"no, what is it?"

"dad, everywhere in the world there is recession, all newspapers, TV channels, share market .. .everyone is talking about it. it is going to hit all the businesses and all classes of people. we need to plan for recession dad." …. and he explains everything in details.

The man thinks son is a educated person, he reads newspaper, he understand what is being explained on TV etc. so he better knows the thins and I should listen to him. Next  day he sells some of his stoves and equipment, reduces staff by half and reduces overall production in anticipation of bad times. By that time the rush was no less…. people start hitting the snacks centre only to realise there is not enough stock for a couple of weeks…. it spreads and they stop coming to the snacks centre. the rush decreases drastically and it becomes very difficult to even sell a few snacks which he used to sell in his early days.
The man thinks…his son was right. The recession hit them as well. It was good that he heard his educated son’s advise.

That’s what recession is. Its all mindset and more so it is ‘so called’ highly intelligent people’s mindset.

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