Humiliation at the hands of Liverpool .. may be a blessing in disguise !

What a bad weekend ! Both of my favourite teams in cricket & football lost horrifically on their days.

India was soundly defeated by New Zealand in Cricket and later in the day, Manchester United were humiliated by Liverpool at Old Trafford 4-1. I just could not take both theses losses. Particularly the later one was devastating than the former as India had already wrapped up the series by then.

Thinking on the loss later, I thought it might be a blessing in disguise as I hope this defeat would spur the team on for more success further in the season. I am sure SAF will not like anyone to be complacent in the title run-in and if anyone would have been complacent, this defeat would definitely be a wake up call. .. at least I hope so !

Anyways, I think it was the destiny of Liverpool to win at OT this time. I hope this would be their only happy moment in this year as it was of Man City last year when they did home and away double on United !

Cant wait for Fulham match now ! I hope we give them a thrashing … if not, then I would certainly be worried !

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