Say hello to ‘nano’ !

TATA nano was launched yesterday in India and the bookings for the ‘world’s cheapest car’ will start on 09 April 09 !

Well done TATA to help millions of Indians dare to realize their dream of buying a 4 wheel drive. This is a moment for all Indians to be proud of and hail TATA for fulfilling our dream !

 cam1b_colors_yellow I would love to buy a nano, not just because of its price tag or me being patriotic Indian, but it looks really good ‘small’ car and its really cute to be in one !

TATA should be applauded to dare to dream and subsequently fulfil it. Apparently TATA got the idea of nano when he saw a family of 4 driving on a scooter. He wanted to give Indian people a safe option and more importantly an affordable option to drive on Indian streets and he has definitely achieved his ambition.

Although the basic version of nano will not exactly cost as the price mentioned on its tin (100k rupees) but would eventually cost in the range of 120-130k rupees depending on where you buy.

Visit nano’s website for more information and take time to visit and appreciate the work there by TATA !

Proud to be an Indian !

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