Top windows mobile software .. actually useful !


So, here is my own list of top applications or must have’s on windows mobile pocket pc.  This is no particular order and I like all of them and use them regularly 🙂

Skype for Pocket PC

Skype recently released a new update (version 3.0) to the Skype software for Pocket PC and its worth installing if you are a regular Skype user.

You can go to the Skype URL to download the software.

Facebook (by Microsoft)

Another cool application if you are a regular facebook user. Although its in the beta status, still very useful though.  You might want to visit the XDA-developers or PPCGeeks site to get the latest installable.


One of the best chatting software available for Windows Mobile phones. It supports Yahoo! Messenger, Live, AOL, Google Talk and other most common chatting platforms.

You can visit the Beejive IM’s website here to get the download for Windows mobile. Its in the beta stage though, but works great !

 Opera mobile browser

The best mobile browser available for Windows Mobile ! I guess I do not need to tell you more about this 🙂

 PIM Backup

One of the applications that I use almost daily (automated though) is the PIM backup software to take the backup of my data.

Very good utility, which you can find here on Dotfred website.


View your mobile screen on your PC and work on your mobile using your PC screen and keyboard. Really good work here and you can get it here..

 A-A Reset Manager

Reset manager for doing a soft-reset on your device, either manually on ad-hoc basis or doing it automated at a fixed time of the day.  This software does it exactly what it mentions on the tin !

You can get it here..


If you have any of your favourite software, please do let me know and put a comment on my blog on this post. 

All your comments will be appreciated.  Thanks

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