United through to semi-final …

Whoa .. ! What a match we had yesterday at ‘Dragon’s den’ in Porto. So finally United are through to the semi final of the Champions league and only Arsenal can stop them reaching second final in two years ..

As a united fan, I would obviously love to have United in the final and then winning it subsequently to make this the greatest season ever at the Theatre of Dreams. But then, I would also love to have Barcelona in the final and defeat them, just to re-ensure everyone who is the best !

It was particularly pleasing to see Ronaldo working his socks off, especially the dressing down by Almighty Fergie in recent weeks.

Now we can set our sights on Sunday’s semi-final clash with Everton at Wembley to book one more round trip to Wembley for the final of FA-Cup.

I have a funny feeling, we might actually beat all the three teams in the top 4 for glory this year, how about this happening.. ?

United to beat Liverpool for Premiership
United to beat Chelsea / Arsenal in FA cup final
United to beat Arsenal in route to Champions league glory !

Then we would officially be the best team in England, Europe and hopefully come December the world again !

Glory glory Man United !

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