Tips on “Getting things done .. !”

While stumbling across on the Internet I came across a very useful blog post on Zen habits and I thought of mentioning it on my blog as well.

The author mentions really good and practical things to ensure you “get things done” without actually following the GTD matrix !

A quick summary of it is as follows,

  1. Create a “to stop” list
  2. Focus on short bursts
  3. Define your daily ass-kicking
  4. Allow yourself to suck
  5. Focus on the Three C’s
  6. Stop caring about things that don’t matter
  7. Make it stupidly simple

I recommend you guys to visit his blog post here and read the full post. Its interesting and worth reading !

Bye the way, for people who love the GTD matrix and like to follow the GTD principles to get things done, here is what I found (from the link in his blog post) as follows,


GTD Matrix

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