An interesting debate – why do Indians do not produce entrepreneurs !

In my last article on entrepreneurship I wrote about the lack of entrepreneurship and innovation in India and the root cause in the education system that was adopted over the years.

Today, on the coffee table, we had another quick debate on this and one more topic that came out was the way we Indians think ! One of my colleague referred to an interview given by Infosys Chief Mentor Mr Narayana Murthy,

Indians are really good thinkers .. but not very good doers !

By the way, the word Indian is used in the context of people “living and working” in India. This should rather not be used in the context of Indians living abroad and shining there !

Ok, coming back to the quote I wrote above, I said I could not have agreed more with Mr Murthy and I would stick to my statement here. The reason I think he is right is the fact that when I correlate it with how I (average Indian wannabe great) think and act on the massive amount of ideas I generate .. I really feel the same.

In last few months, I have been having few solid ideas in my mind and I really wanted to build some portals to drive the entrepreneurship within me.

Most notable ideas I had were to to do with Childcare in India and Educational portal across major engineering colleges.

The biggest problem I am having is availability of like minded fellow colleagues who are interested in entrepreneurship.  The job I am in currently does now allow me to have these kind of colleagues around and that have the same drive as me to do different things .. 🙁

In case you are wondering what kind of job I do in IT, I am a support consultant and in my job, the only thing that has importance is problem solving and incident management skills .. nothing to do innovation & initiatives ..

Anyways, enough of my own problems and coming back to the original topic of why Indians do not make it into entrepreneurship. The root cause I wrote in my earlier post was about the education system which just enforces you to learn what is in the book and does not encourage innovation nor independent thinking. So effectively, does not encourage you to “DO” things differently. All you end up with is to “Do what is told”.

I do not completely dismiss the thinking & doing of Indian IT companies and the very fact that India has become a giant IT outsourcing destination as well as world’s back office shows you that we Indians “Do” things fantastically well “when” the path of how to do is already defined.

The lack of core product companies, innovation houses, VC funding in India shows and supports the argument given by Mr Murthy. May be Government needs to think differently here and encourage the entrepreneurship via supporting the start ups etc.

Anyways, as usual the final thinking I would leave on you guys.

Please do leave a comment on my blog if you agree / disagree with my comments.


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