Looking forward to the week ahead ..

Finally few decisions were made last week and we can look forward to lots of changes in coming weeks for us here in London! Much better than some uncertain life we were experiencing during past few weeks …

Now can look forward to weeks ahead with optimism in the personal life as well as corporate life. Hopefully things will only get better !

Anyways, quick review on the weekend matches. I though the United – Tottenham match showed exactly why we are the Champions of the world .. and I guess I would not be able to summarize it any better than what I facebook’ed immediately after the match ..

… what a stunning comeback from the champions today. I guess God has made football only for such matches.. Glory glory man united..

Waiting for the crunch Arsenal match now on Wednesday, hopefully Chelsea will be put in place by Barcelona by Tuesday and so as Arsenal by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, trying out few new applications on my Windows phone… will post the details about them later ..


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