Heading to India … for good !

So finally within next couple of months my stay in the UK is coming to an end … …

aeroplane_cartoon Having stayed here for more or less best part of last 5 years, this had become my second home away from India !

London, where I stayed for all these years been a wonderful experience to say the least. Although not as vibrant as any Indian city (read Pune), London has its own aura about being one of the great cities in the world. 

Experiences have been mixed for us during all these years some being kind, welcoming  and wonderful whilst some being very cruel and unwelcome!

Some of the good things includes the friends I collected here in the UK that have helped me during all those years. The first school of my daughter and her early early education was really wonderful experience.

Anyways, now I would be looking forward to managing my journey back and reducing my footprint from the UK over next few weeks.

Really looking forward to live a great life back in India and in my own home, I bought 4 years ago but never stayed in !!!

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