Technology for business .. or vice versa?

This is the post I recollected from my very very early days of blogging (read year 2003) and was in response to one of the debates we had in our group of office colleagues.

I guess pretty much I said that time about 6 years ago looks rubbish to me now anyways .. however I guess there are still a few valid points 🙂

So here is how I went on my old blog.

Technology for Business

Some Cons against "Technology for Experiment" ….

  • Industry is never driven by only "Technology". The needs of the business generates the need for "Technology". So, lets first identify the facts of business, so called " Business Verticals" and divide the tasks for those verticals rather than the "Technology Horizontals".
  • The industry is continuously changing, becoming more cautious about the spending and cost/benefit analysis for the organizations.
  • The time has gone when the companies use to spend lots n lots of dollars just to change the look n feel of some of their useless sites just for the sake of "New Technology Adoption".
  • The expectations of the business from the IT companies have grown up to very high standards because of very competitive market and clear division of the market on the basis of the "Business Verticals".
  • Technology is a "Short Living" thing. On an average a technology becomes old within first 3 months of its origin.
  • The real challenge lies in "Foresight" predicting the way the IT will go in next say 5-10 years and act accordingly.
  • Only "Technology" really lacks in attracting more business now a days. e.g. A "beverage" organization will think twice before implement an XML standard even if you have done some significant work for some "finance sector" client, but on the other hand if we stick to the vertical then its not a big deal to attract more and more clients, at least through something called "Domain Experience".
  • The market is globally getting very tough and only the "Survival of the Fittest" is the only thing that is fact.
  • Admit the fact that a company can not compete and win a project against another one who is working in a particular domain for say last 5 years. e.g. Company A is technically very very sound. Company B is comparatively not so much but company B is very strong in its (say) Finance domain and working for it since last 5-6 years. Both are bidding for a Finance client…… you are intelligent enough to guess who is the ultimate winner.
  • Finally if you feel we are not intelligent enough to judge the battle. Look for the giants like "SAP", "Microsoft", "IBM" are doing to their products. Every giant has a product for a business verticals and virtually admitting that the industry is getting split vertically.

Some Pros for the "Technology" ..

  • Technology keeps the industry live.
  • Despite of various things it is still a fact that over 100 companies are still alive only because someone like Microsoft or IBM are developing more technologies and relative products.
  • Technology keeps your knowledge grow at a fast pace (I have used a word Knowledge and that does not mean Business).
  • Finally Its really a fun learning new technologies…..


Might have been an interesting debate really. Do not recollect enough as to what made me write this but looking at this … must have been a fun !


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