Transitioning into new project …

Since a long time, I did not get time to put up a blog post but  have been twittering all this while on the internet with few updates on the progress on project and personal front ..

I am now moving into a different project within the same group. The role looks challenging and puts me into actual people management and hopefully would give me a chance to apply my own people / project management principles across the board.

Early days (rather weeks !) for me in here and still getting into the project and understanding the know-how’s. Good to know there are already capable people working on the project, but they need a little bit helping hand in streamlining the operations that hopefully I can provide in due course.

Unfortunately this project was perceived as an “untouchable” and “messy” project so looks like I have a big task on my hands to turn the tide ! I am very hopeful I could do it .. but lets wait for actual results over next few months !

Anyways, if you care a little, wish me luck by commenting on this blog post.

However if you are too lazy to leave a comment, just say “Best of luck” in your mind and it would reach me 🙂


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