Into ‘people’ management .. or ‘project’ management?

Last few weeks have been pretty exciting as well as busy for me as I was interacting with the new team and getting into the know how’s of the team structure and people within the team.

I felt good whilst doing so and certainly looking forward to be amongst them in next few weeks. The resources in the teams are good but felt like need a bit of hand holding and guidance to get them into a ‘Team’, which I will hopefully be able to do in next few weeks.

Had a good ‘briefing’ session with the team yesterday where I explained them my vision for the team and the key focus areas that I would like the team to work on. The discussion went well and was appreciated by the team members so I hope that was the first step in breaking the ice !

Also, whilst I was doing this, got the news of the changes in our top management. Fortunately the manager whom I have been working all the while in the project is our new head and I sincerely hope it turns out to be a good change.

Anyways, coming back to the subject of my post, as I am excited to be back to directly managing people & team, I am unsure how I think I would fare as a ‘pure project manager’. I, in all honesty, just hate the ‘book keeping’ work that is expected out of the project manager, so it would be interesting how I would be able to manage the ‘expectations of a project manager’ from my leaders and delivery through my ‘people’ management techniques.

Off topic, have been reading the article on Leadership vs Management and it gives a very neat distinctions between the two.  Certainly worth a read for all you if you are into leading the team and want to build a high performance teams and be a ‘people’ oriented manager !

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