Rome 2009 – United vs Barcelona – a quick wish !

For some genuine, or rather perceived genuine reasons, I have been busy not to keep my blog up to date with the information in recent time. However, as usual, life never stops and things move along with time so quite a few things have happened since I actually posted something meaningful on my blog.

Anyways, coming back to the topic. Manchester United are in Finals at Rome and obviously as a United fan, I just can not wait for Wednesday to come calling.

Probably being nervous is a reflection of being a true fan of the club and so am I before the biggest game of the season for us. There is a history to be made on the day and I just wish, United would edge Barcelona for the Champions League medal so all my three years in UK would just be perfect. Its been wonderful to have witnessed a great team perform so well domestically and on world stages. Its truly been a privilege to me so far. Obviously when I am in India, I would keep on following, but the atmosphere just would not be the same as in the UK !

While the world is all praising Barcelona for their flair, style and football brand, for some reason my (rather nervous) mind says United will be a clear winner on the day and (putting rather bravely) by about 2 goals margin! Now do not ask me how I arrived at this logic and where in the world I had the courage to write, not only think of this victory.  Its just a guess and gut feeling based on the way United’s history has been in the European league finals. 

Honestly, by writing this, I just hope not to have tempted the fate !

I am anticipating a great game of football tomorrow and hopefully we would, as I wished earlier, win 2-0 or 3-1 on the night.

Far too much of asking? You decide !


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