No.. this blog is not dead !!  … not at least as yet !!

Have been really busy in transit and setting up the house etc after arriving in India and that too with no internet access for all those days .. .. never mind, it has just re assured me that I CAN LIVE without Internet 🙂 … a belief that I had almost lost while I was in the UK !!

Anyways, more information and more posts will follow. But for now, a joy to be back online !

I would just like to summarize India’s campaign in the ICC World Twenty20 in one word – Self-destruction !

Mr Cool & the captain of the team Mr Dhoni led from the front to ensure that the campaign is ended in a disastrous mode. Another defeat at the hands of South Africa put a final nail in the coffin, which was already prepared when India lost to England in the second Super Eight game earlier.

dhoni During the entire course of the tournament, it always seemed like very few players actually cared about win. It was visible from the appearance of quite a few players and most notably Dhoni, that they are playing in a pub tournament and not in the world cup. Many decisions that were taken were weird and lacked common sense. The matches were lost from a potential winnable position.

I am sure there will be an angry reaction back home in India after the performance of the team in this campaign.

I just hope, the public do not go insane and do silly things.  After all, we need to keep in mind that this is a game and not a matter of life & death.

Apparently the effigies of the players have been burnt back home and people have come out on streets protesting the way the team performed. Just the reflection of the hope everyone carried and how the hope came down crashing during last 2 weeks or so.

There were few bright sparks in the performance, most notably from Yuvraaj Singh, who once again showed that he carries the team on his shoulder and India always do well when he plays well. It was unfortunate that he did not get proper support from other so called marquee players when we needed most.  Rohit Sharma did well and did not let the absence of Sehwag be an issue at the top.  Ojha also enhanced his reputation during this tournament as a sensible spin bowler.  So its not all doom & gloom for India and we can look forward to build a good team again.

Few visible problems that would require BCCI to intervene and sort out would be to get rid of the supposed rift within the team. It was really unfortunate to see in today’s match the rift between Dhoni, Yuvraaj. The run out of Dhoni was a complete lack of coordination and when Harbhajan got Dhoni as his runner, the following 3-4 balls turned the game upside down and got India virtually out of the game as Harbhajan & Yuvraaj both got out.  The way the entire Sehwag episode was handled and he was sent back, looked suspicious to everyone.

I would hate to say that, but it is apparent that success has got into the head of Dhoni and he looked too overconfident in the decisions he took during the matches at various stages. I just hope its not true and as a true fan, would believe in the theory of IPL taking its toll on them and having fatigue as an issue. 

I would hope this defeat will put some sanity in the heads of BCCI authorities and selectors about the policy they need to follow in future tournaments. After all, even if the players are supposed to be professionals, you can not expect them to perform at highest level consistently week after week without having a proper break.

IPL was supposed to be a gold mine for new players to make their name in the international tournament and I hoped the IPL II to provide few. There were few really good players who players real good cricket but were not given chance in the world cup and India went with traditional tried & tested team.  The new players could possibly have played with bit more passion and aggression than Dhohi and co, I would have thought !

Anyways, enough of bashing and time to turn attention to somewhere else, where chances of success are more !

Hey, what about supporting India Women team who are into Semi finals of ICC Womens World Twenty20 and have a good chance to show the boys how its done !!

All the best to you girls! I just hope you do well!

Looks like I was into celebration mood for quite a long time … !!

Yeah, the world never stops and quite a few things have happened since I blogged something meaningful last time and its been long due on my part to put out my thoughts on them in the form of the blog.  So here I start ..

palm-pre One important thing that happened in the mobile world was the launch of Palm Pre mobile phone. The mobile world was never quite stirred up since the launch of the Jesus phone. If you have lived in forest all this while and have not heard about this, so recommend you to jump over Engadget or Gizmodo and read the reviews. 

Apple has released the so called next version of iPhone, this time named iPhone 3G S !! Although, looks better than iPhone 3G, I would never swap that with my lovely HTC Touch HD !!!

ronaldo In the sports world, massive news was obviously the potential transfer of Christiano Ronaldo after Manchester United agreed the world record bid of 80m pounds from Real Madrid. I guess Madrid have gone mad this summer with their spending and I do not see it doing any good for football in the long term ! Anyways, not too much to blame Madrid in this case as the playa himself was never fully committed to United cause and saw his future at United. Only sad part would be to see a prolific goal scorer missing from the starting line up next season. It would be interesting to see who the boss lines up to replace Ronaldo next season. Initially thought Benzema + Ribery combination would be great, but looks like David Villa + David Silva being more realistic target !  Although, I would not mind having Torres in United jersey next season though .. 😉

Coming on to cricket & India’s exit from the World Twenty20 cup at the hands of England, finally ends my miserable following of supported teams at major events for this season. After United lost to Barcelona and now India thrown out by England makes one wonderfully miserable end of season for me !! My friend has aptly summarized my thoughts on India’s performance against England on his blog and is worth reading here !

Only silver lining though for me was the win of Mr Perfect Roger Federer at the French Open, hats off to Roger for never giving up on the hope of winning at Roland Garros. No one would have been probably more deserving than Roger to be at the position he is at currently. The win surely makes him the greatest player ever to grace the tennis court !

On a personal front, this is my last week in the UK and have been really busy with packing and leaving preparation. The stay has been enjoyable, but looking forward to better time in India. Hopefully will get time to blog in next few days, otherwise will resume my blogging hobby once I am settled in India.

So adios as of now and take care until next post !

congratulations0an8 Wow… this is my 100th post on my blog !!

I started this blog at the end of January 2009 and probably started it with few doubts in my mind about its continuity and my potential interest in keeping it updated frequently. Particularly keeping in mind this is my fourth attempt to have a blog !!

Anyways, keeping this short and sweet, I take this opportunity to congratulate myself and give myself a pat on the back 🙂

Cheers me !

Continuing from my earlier post on using ‘twitter’ for better collaboration within IT project teams and taking it one step further, I have been contemplating on actually adopting an Enterprise 2.0 software stack for real time collaboration, better communication, effective knowledge management & idea generation amongst my team.

The obvious problem at my hands is lack of budget to actually look for and adopt any proprietary software that would solve our purpose, thus a little more intelligence & effort is needed to ensure we have a good set of working processes, software & tool to enable us become an effective project team.

Being into production support and providing critical support to few prime portals of one of world’s leading telecommunications company, the need of time is for the team to have an effective collaborative tool at their hands which would allow them to exchange short messages via web based intranet portal.

So to cater to this requirement, we decided to install and try that out. Hopefully we will have something to work on by end of this week.

By the way, after my earlier post, few of my team members came back to me disputing my claim of unawareness of ‘twitter’ within them. So it was good to know as well !

Another important bit was to have a knowledge management portal and for that we installed Mediawiki solution on the LAMP server I had on the Intranet. Obviously it worked as a treat so far and hopefully it would continue to serve as a KMS solution for us.

But the problem we are having is about carrying out the backup of the Mediawiki. Obviously one simple way is to back up the database tables & then back up the file system separately. However, I was just wondering if there are any ready tools available that would execute the backups on the Mediawiki installation and give me an installation kit to restore, if eventually we need !

Few things I have installed on the server are Open Office (OpenGoo) to manage the documents online for the team. However, so far never used it for a real project purpose though. I would like to see how I could use it in my project in future though.

I have also had an installation of b2evolution lying on my server which I intended to use for the team blog for spreading the news on updates and progress on various changes / issues, but as of now it looks a long shot for the team to actually start using it. Obviously it would support the RSS / Atom feeds as well. So I would have to hold on for a while.

As a part of my objective of increasing the collaboration within the team, I have created something called Ideas wall and Questions basket that would give the team an opportunity to interact with the management & post ideas for new innovations, opportunities as well as ask questions on the processes around the project.  Just for the sake of mentioning, these two are plain wiki pages in a team section for me and that worked well so far.

So far I have not felt a need of having a Social networking intranet portal for the team as the size of the team is not really big and although we have resources spread across various locations in the world, its easy to connect with each other with the existing tools. So may be I can keep that idea in reserve as of now.

As usual, if you have any comments or any ideas for me to take a look, I would welcome them. So please leave a comment on my blog or ‘twit’ me on Twitter.