I am a Bing’er today !

Wow !

Microsoft has launched the new search engine .. … err … sorry decision engine called ‘Bing’ today and have been using it since morning for doing various searches.

bing I just hope this is a start of what they intend to achieve in revamping the search engine and make it more useful and add more intelligence into the results.

I liked Google and of course everyone likes Google. But I love trying out new things and was kinda bored with Google because it did not have any credible alternative.  Google always gave me perfect results each time, every time and resolved my purpose which neither Yahoo nor the Live search engine could do consistently over a period of time. So, when I actually started using Bing, I was little bit apprehensive about the usefulness over Google.

Using it from UK, I observed that the product search goes to CIAO which is a plus point as on the same page it gives the reviews of the products as well. It certainly helps to get the reviews up on quickly so as to decide whether the product is worth pursuing further or not.

What I especially liked, and probably scores over Google, was the image search.  The way the search results are presented was really cool. So rather than navigating to multiple pages, I could simply scroll down and the more I scroll down, the more results it would load on the same page. Kind of cool concept !

It also gave useful information about the images as well as various options to filter my results. It was certainly helpful.

I could not stop myself from doing a quick comparison with Google results for my own blog and Bing did show my blog results quick enough. Live search never indexed my blog apparently so never could get results there. So it was a good improvement there … !!  In few of the searches, I found Google giving latest results while in few other I could Bing giving better results so it really depends on what you want to search.

Apparently, bing’s meaning is But Its Not Google !

I liked Bing from what I used today and I intend to use it for everyday use henceforth. Of course, that does not mean I would abandon using Google !!

Anyways, if you intend to read Microsoft announcement over Bing, jump over here.

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