Quick word on Palm pre launch, Ronaldo’s transfer & India’s loss to England ..

Looks like I was into celebration mood for quite a long time … !!

Yeah, the world never stops and quite a few things have happened since I blogged something meaningful last time and its been long due on my part to put out my thoughts on them in the form of the blog.  So here I start ..

palm-pre One important thing that happened in the mobile world was the launch of Palm Pre mobile phone. The mobile world was never quite stirred up since the launch of the Jesus phone. If you have lived in forest all this while and have not heard about this, so recommend you to jump over Engadget or Gizmodo and read the reviews. 

Apple has released the so called next version of iPhone, this time named iPhone 3G S !! Although, looks better than iPhone 3G, I would never swap that with my lovely HTC Touch HD !!!

ronaldo In the sports world, massive news was obviously the potential transfer of Christiano Ronaldo after Manchester United agreed the world record bid of 80m pounds from Real Madrid. I guess Madrid have gone mad this summer with their spending and I do not see it doing any good for football in the long term ! Anyways, not too much to blame Madrid in this case as the playa himself was never fully committed to United cause and saw his future at United. Only sad part would be to see a prolific goal scorer missing from the starting line up next season. It would be interesting to see who the boss lines up to replace Ronaldo next season. Initially thought Benzema + Ribery combination would be great, but looks like David Villa + David Silva being more realistic target !  Although, I would not mind having Torres in United jersey next season though .. 😉

Coming on to cricket & India’s exit from the World Twenty20 cup at the hands of England, finally ends my miserable following of supported teams at major events for this season. After United lost to Barcelona and now India thrown out by England makes one wonderfully miserable end of season for me !! My friend has aptly summarized my thoughts on India’s performance against England on his blog and is worth reading here !

Only silver lining though for me was the win of Mr Perfect Roger Federer at the French Open, hats off to Roger for never giving up on the hope of winning at Roland Garros. No one would have been probably more deserving than Roger to be at the position he is at currently. The win surely makes him the greatest player ever to grace the tennis court !

On a personal front, this is my last week in the UK and have been really busy with packing and leaving preparation. The stay has been enjoyable, but looking forward to better time in India. Hopefully will get time to blog in next few days, otherwise will resume my blogging hobby once I am settled in India.

So adios as of now and take care until next post !

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