Home sweet home !!

Yes, its a different feeling when you live in your own home. Especially when you have purchased it long back but never had a chance to live and enjoy it properly !!

homesweethome So finally I hope this time I would get a chance to enjoy life at my home and decorate my home as per my wishes. Although I did the decor of my home when I purchased it, I could not complete it due to me not living in there for sufficient time.

Anyways, now been good 2 weeks for me here and the home is coming in a shape. Sorted out the landline & broadband connection & the TV connection all of which are provided by Airtel. The mobile connection is also received through Airtel.

Would post the review of the service & installation experience later sometime on my blog.

Now the priorities change to getting the wood work done at home such as TV cabinet and my daughter’s bedroom. Hopefully within few weeks that would also be sorted out and I would live in my dream home !

Excited to be back home for sure !

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