Join India Do Not Call (DNC) Registry and free yourselves from spam calls, sms & mails

If you are in India and have been using mobile phone or a landline, there is a great chance that you have been on the receiving end of spam marketing phone calls or SMS text messages.

stop_spam I have been using Idea cellular pre-paid connection on a temporary basis and I have received spam and frustrating automated calls at least 3 times a day each day. These calls were so frustrating and they were made with different numbers each time so you can not use mobile clients to block these calls !

After doing a quick search on internet I found that there is an apparent way by which you can convey your preference of receiving or not receiving such calls to the providers and by law they are mandated to obey to your preference.

The Quick online tips website mentions a thorough list of all the service providers and ways on how you can convey them to stop the nuisance calls from disturbing you at odd times !!

As per the website, 

The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). The NDNC Registry will store a data base with all subscriber telephone numbers who opted for the service. The Telemarketer will have to verify their calling telephone numbers list with the NDNC registry before making a call or face a fine of Rs 500 per call/message and defaulter telemarketers might face disconnection of telecom service also.

Customers can make such requests free of cost. The telecom service provider will acknowledge the request within ten days. All promotional calls and messages to your phone will stop within 45 days from registration. Subscriber may confirm whether their number is included in the NDNC registry home page.

I am unsure on how it works as I only registered on the Idea website today requesting them to stop these calls & SMS messages. As per the site, it may take up to 30 days for them to activate the same, so the wait might continue for me.

So, in case you are as frustrated or more as me, then go ahead and start DND for your mobile or landline and potentially enjoy spam free communication !

For actual numbers & more information as per the service provider, visit the URL of Quick online tips.


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