I have resigned from TechMahindra ..

Yes, finally the truth is officially out and I admit, I had indeed resigned from TechMahindra few weeks ago !

The need to move out was primarily driven by few personal commitments as well as a very strong need for change in my professional lifestyle.

This company has a very very big influence in my career and helped me grow tremendously well in last 6+ years of association. So when I would leave finally, I would be leaving very strong bonds and relations behind which I would definitely cherish for rest of my life. 

So the decision has nothing to do with my current projects, managers, role, teams, environment, customers, work, freedom or even the money ! Its purely a voluntary decision that I hope would do me well in long term.

I have spent more than 6 very good years in TechMahindra and it has contributed immensely in giving me quality experience, a sense of ownership in the work I do and privilege to work with few extremely talented individuals within the company.  For me, TechMahindra has been a fantastic company and a great journey where I got to learn so many things.

Leaving has not definitely been an easy decision for me ! After all, why would you want to leave a company where the managers want you, give you good responsibility, pay you well and take care of your career growth ??

So what prompted me to leave?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most important factor was a chance to rediscover myself and challenge myself to get to greater heights in my career. Other factor was a strong need of change in my professional work culture. There was nothing wrong with the current work or nature of work I was doing in TechMahindra, but I thought the things were getting too routine and too easy for me and I started to get an underwhelming feeling about myself.

Probably my ambitions were too high and stopping at one place or on one step for a longer time makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to feel challenged at all times where I get an opportunity to perform consistently at a higher level and eventually be rewarded for the work. Anyways, I would have plenty of time to do retrospective on why I left !!

I also thought the time was right for me to take a decision of moving out because I had right people doing right job in the projects and the project was in good hands. So I thought it would be a win-win situation for the project / company and myself to part ways in a silent way.  Anyways, I would never have deserted the project or my managers or my team if I was not assured of success after me.

What would I do next now?

Well, I would hopefully join another company down the line which I feel would make me excited about the job again and challenge me enough to make me perform at higher level again.

I am also looking at few other ideas in the space of Web 2.0 and social networking that would help me put my first step in entrepreneurship. I have started some background work on writing concepts and business case as well. At the moment, it looks like a long shot though !

Anyways, as and when I have any good idea about any of these options, I would be very happy to post on my blog and let all of you know.

Till that time, I am sure you would wish me well in future !


  1. Swapnil, I was a bit surprised when I saw your one liner update on Orkut however after reading this entire blog, I think I can understand and appreciate your line of thinking. I can truly understand “Routine” as I had already gone thru that phase an year ago. Fortunately and thanks to the great almighty that I got the right opportunity at right time. So will miss you yaar as we have shared and spent very nice experiences in project together … Remember 22 Campion Close in Uxbridge 🙂 and our very first encounter with Graham Taylor Burge .. I wish you all the very best in all your en devours in your life .. Give my best regards to your family as well ! Eager to hear some more good news 🙂

  2. @Abhishek & @Ritesh, thanks for your wishes.
    @Anand, yes definitely I remember all those days and the great time we had together. We will stay connected for sure, what are these Soc Net sites are for !!

  3. Swapnil its real surprise for me, when you told u have resigned, the same day we had one more shock(reg our CM YSR), i have worked with you or less than 3-4 months but you are best manager i have seen so far..i was enjoying working with u..learned new things…always concentrating on innovations..felt bad that ur leaving…but anyways…u gave us some motive..inspiration.

    All the best for ur endeavours..

  4. the article is too good to be true. If a project being run my non marathi is running well then it will invaded and taken over by marathi brahmins in no time in tech mahindra .

    you must be marathi brahmin, who is unable to cope up latest changes tht have become demanding and uncomfortable to mrathi brhamins entrenched in tecch mahindra pune and mumbai and finding nice route to exit.

    All IDU HR and RMG cabinets are filled wiht marathi brahmin and gujarati fanatics who controls who getsinto good projects.

    Balck hole roles like defect mangement in BT colocatio ncenters are reserved for good people who have been wilfully victimized to be haressed and fored from colocatio nwhere it is easy to stage manage and show any small issue as big and fire person using cooked customer feedback sent by onsite delivery managers.

    i have seen this happening in wholesale coloc and openreach colocation (concentration labour camps) center

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and taking pain to write this comment. Appreciate your views about the way things happened once upon a time in TechMahindra. However, whatever happened with me was true and unfortunately I left just to seek new pastures, not necessarily greener. Life becomes fun once again, if you go through a change !!

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