How about me being an interior designer now ?

I have been doing several designs for my own home TV entertainment cabinet & wall cabinet since last 2 days or so and after 2 sleepless nights I am convinced with my design that I would give it for actual implementation.

Since the time I came back from UK, I have been thinking of doing lots of modification in my house in Pune which I bought 4 years ago but never had a chance to stay in (kept locked !!). So the idea of having a TV cabinet & a wall unit came out of the necessity of me trying to get my house in systematic order.

First I gone through lots of interior designer books to find out great ideas. Had gone through at least 15 books but none of it actually gave me a great design which I would use straight away in my home. 

Later, through a reference of my friend, I managed to hire an interior designer to do this work for me, however the designs that were sent to me did not excite me enough to go and agree on them.

Finally I decided to take time and do my own designs.

Internet definitely helped me in getting hundreds of design ideas for every corner of home and after lot of research and thinking I finally managed to get my own home furniture design in place which I would pursue further with the interior designer.

In case you are looking for ideas on home furniture, I would recommend you to visit a great website for hundreds of them. They are absolutely free to view and be inspired by !

Now without any delay, below are my two final ideas that would go to the workshop for construction.

TV Entertainment Cabinet Wall unit Cabinet

You can click on the images to see the larger images and feel free to use it in case you want to design them for your own furniture.

While putting the design in place I had following basic requirements as follows, I wanted

  • to have a combination of the computer workstation and the TV cabinet together in one seamless design
  • to have an exclusive space for printer & my external HDD drives
  • to have an exclusive space for my set top box, home theatre & speakers
  • to have an exclusive space for news papers, magazines
  • to have an exclusive space for mobile charging for my family
  • to have an exclusive space for storage of wires, cables & toolkits

With regards to the wall cabinets in the second image, you would definitely have guessed by now that the design has been inspired by Microsoft Office logo. I just love the colour combination of the logo and I thought it would fit in perfectly in my door side partition.  Microsoft, I hope I have not broken any copyright by using the above in my home furniture. After all, I am doing your advertisement !!

I have now sent the designs to the interior designer I have chosen to implement them for me and I am looking forward to see them in flesh for sure.

Do you like them? Let me know your thoughts ..


  1. Hey Swapnil, Nice Designs. Cabinet and Temple space is very good. God in Microsoft environment…liked the idea. 🙂 He should be techy too.
    Are you going to frosted glass anywhere? It gives good and descent look to ur furniture. just give a thought.

    1. Hey Rutuja, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my designs. I have not yet looked at the frosted glass but wanting to put something up either on the partition or behind the TV which would have glowing background. I think I would definitely have a look at the suggestion and do some more research .. Cheers

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