H.A.M.B.A.I.D.N? – Part II – more of my designs

I have been doing more designs and more thinking since the time I last uploaded my furniture designs in my last post on this blog. The thinking has really been considering the following points,

  • Where would I fit in my 5 or 7 speaker home theatre which intend to buy sometime sooner rather than later
  • I have a projector so I need to a place where I can incorporate the projector screen in the design to pull it down and use it for watching movies or sports
  • Needed more open space where I can keep the books & papers
  • Need of giving more importance to utility over aesthetics
  • Finally and more importantly, I realized that the design needs to be modular so as to re-align the drawers if required in future

So out of these added needs, I have created two more designs which I am putting below. I have tried to mention where I intend to keep what so hopefully would give you an idea of how things will look like once its ready and done.

SRD Design 3
   SRD Design 3
SRD Design 4
SRD Design 4


I personally have liked the Design 4 more than Design 3 but I would want to give some more thinking on which one I should really go for.

Please feel free to click on these designs and explore them and let me know your comments on how I can make them even better.

Ohh, and in case you are wondering what does the title (H.A.M.B.A.I.D.N) mean, its  ‘How about me being an interior designer now?’ !


  1. Hey Swapnil..
    Nice designs. These are better than the previous ones believe me. You surely can become an interior designer.I wish i would have contacted you while doing decoration of my own house. 🙂
    Just few notes from my experiences!
    1. Decide the model of TV,Home Theatre etc while designing. Because size matters a lot. 🙂
    2 . Minimum wires should be visible. It mess up the elegant look of the interior.

  2. Hey Rutu, thanks for your comment. I have for sure decided the TV model I want and also the home theater model I would buy in near future. The size of the TV I need (LG Scarlet 2.0 42 inches) has alrady been considered in the design now so hopefully it would be fitting comfortably.
    Also, with regards to the wires, I would be keeping them hidden or behind the woodwork.

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