It’s a baby boy for us !!

Ladies & Gentlemen !

It gives me great pleasure to inform you all that my wife (Kanika) delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday night (15th Sep 2009) and have made us proud parents again and my daughter has her own younger brother now !!

It’s a great moment for our family !

Unfortunately due to me being in a different city than my wife during this, I could not be with her during her painful moments but the joy she has given all of us has made us forever indebted to her. 

I love you Kanika, more than ever now !

Now comes the most difficult part of deciding a name for the baby. Although we have been discussing few names for boys & girls earlier, we were never serious in arriving at a definite name until now.

We had a simple criteria in our minds while deciding names. We think the name should be short enough, easy to read, write and pronounce. Few names we are thinking as of now are  Romir, Arin, Adit & Aarush.   Hopefully we will decide a good short, sweet name for the baby boy very soon !

In a celebration mood …

me !


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