Its been a fantastic break from work for me so far (gosh, its been 3 weeks with no work, no pay !!) and I had a chance to do quite a few things that were pending for me for a very long time.

The first and foremost, I did have a time to play with my little kid ‘Sharv’ and see him growing during his first month. He is one cute little prince for us !

Meanwhile, the furniture work that I had started to get done is complete today and I would soon be posting the photographs on this blog for you all to see and comment on. If you can’t wait until that time, then you might want to have a look at my previous post about my designs and imagine how it may look like 😉 So finally I have my work desk at home where I am sitting to write this blog !

More importantly, I had a great time thinking on what I should be doing as my next move. In my previous post where I mentioned that I have resigned from TechMahindra, I did mention that I had a job offer in my hand and I might join another organization in search of a better & a bigger challenge.

However, when I left TechMahindra, my primary objective was to take a break and think about future.

Amdocs offered me a chance to join their organization and offered me a real challenge that I was looking after. A completely new domain, a very different set of technology & processes & of course different set of people around, was a big challenge. I somehow liked it and finally decided to join the company and take up the new assignment.

I still have the thoughts of getting into entrepreneurship and would be attempting to do something along the way. Keep an eye on meanwhile .. !

However, hopefully the new assignment now will give me new chance to prove myself all over again..