H.A.M.B.A.I.D.N. Part III – Completion of the renovation job & Photographs

Finally, I have completed the renovation of my living area and I am ready to show you few photographs that I have captured recently.

So, without saying much here are the photographs.  They are also available on Flickr URL



Also, if you care, please leave a comment on my blog on how you feel about them.


  1. Hey Swapnil..
    Nice interior…
    ceiling idea is gr8. smart and simple.
    texture wall selection is also good.
    btw…why did u choose diff color shoe rack? (i guess that is a shoe rack only on which u have kept ur telephone)
    overall….nice feel. i loved temple area…light effect ekadam jabardast!!!

  2. Hia, thanks for your feedback. You are right to say about the shoe rack, only problem being it was something I had since last 4 yrs … 😉 and did not want to change !! Bye the way, wish you happy diwali, belated though :!

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