What exactly is collaboration?

Recently I have been part of few discussions on how to increase collaboration within enterprise. The forum was volunteered by enthusiastic professionals who wanted to deliver value to their work through collaboration. Excellent thought !

When we gathered to discuss about Collaboration, questions came about What exactly is Collaboration? How we can achieve it? How different is it than team work?

Simple questions, one might think, however when the question was asked to everyone round the table, we got few interesting answers.

Few of those I would like to mention as follows,

“Collaboration is what the F1 team does to ensure that the driver is on the track within shortest time. Its just another form of Teamwork”

“Collaboration is what the Power Inverter company does with the Battery company to provide the customers a full set of power solution. Its more about knowing your strengths & weaknesses and match it with someone else’s so create a powerful combination that enables more success”

“Collaboration is a process of knowledge management where people are important, but outcome is even more important.  Look at Wikipedia, we have world’s biggest knowledge bank in one place, and we don’t even know who created it. Collaboration focuses on end outcome, rather than who does it.”

Interesting !

Let me know what you think about collaboration, post a comment, I would be glad if you could ! Thank you !


  1. Yes, well I’m on a Product support team that emcompasses customers across APAC and EMEA, we have other teams in the US and Dublin doing the same type of work. I presently manage this team in Pune. We usually need to constantly collaborate across geo’s with dev, CritSit teams, Management, testing teams etc. in China, Aus, Japan, Korea, Pak and the rest mentioned above … Im presently planning to improve a few things on that front here …

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