Avatar, stunning .. but !

I watched Avatar today, although late,  in the full 3D mode and I must say I loved the way the movie was made. Hats off to James Cameron and team for making Avatar one of the best movie experiences of all time!

200px-Avatar-Teaser-Poster[1] Its not the case that movies such as these have not been made in past. I have seen quite a few IMAX movies and all of them were made in an equal impressive way.

However, the biggest success of Avatar lies in making, the use of the technology to portray a story and a movie that can be shown outside the “IMAX” boundary with an equal effect !

This is really a great stuff !

The film is being touted as a breakthrough in terms of the way the movies are made and shown to the audiences. Its expected that the way the film was developed, using the stereoscopic cameras that were especially developed for this movie making,  will change the way the movies are made in future. And, if this is going to be the future, them I am really up for it.

Probably this was the first alien and war movie that I was watching where I actually wanted humans to lose !

Few things I liked in Avatar are,

  • Pandora is a beautiful place and if there is any place on earth which looks similar, I would want to visit it once in my lifetime !
  • Na’vi’s are adorable characters, although huge they look great !
  • The technology that were used by the humans in avatar to display information, was interesting and pretty much sums how the computer user interactions will happen in future
  • The life ecosystem of Avatar is a great concept. I wish humans could have had this.
  • The wildlife, flora & fauna shown in Avatar is simply stunning !
  • Stunning computer visuals

Few things I want to comment on,

  • The story of Avatar did not fascinate me much. Yes, it was novel to see Humans as aliens on another planet (in case of Avatar, moon), but still its usual intra-planetary warfare which is not a new concept.
  • I am unsure how much effect the 2D version of the movie will have on its audience. I would have loved to buy a DVD of the movie when it would have been out, however, since it would not have same effect as 3D, I would hesitate to buy it.  Until, the 3D TV becomes a reality (it exists today though) and is available for consumers to buy 🙂
  • I also felt that Avatar is a movie that you leave behind you in the theatre than taking it in your mind. I have seen quite a few movies (Titanic including) that stays with you, in your mind, for a long time.  For some reason, Avatar did not !

I am sure most of you have seen Avatar by now and must have liked it or would have had your own opinion on the movie.  What you think, let me know, leave a comment ! Thanks


  1. Yes its beautiful, scenic and amazing…. But not worth a 3D watch – though it wasnt meant to be a 3D movie. The angles at which it was shot doesnt make the 3D effect and for some reason i dint feel any of the characters or the places like i wud do in a 3D movie…

    Cud have watched in normal 2D and still enjoyed….

    1. @Mayur, Avatar is a typical Bollywood’ish movie and I found its worth only watching in 3D.

      2D would not have had the same effect as 3D for me. If it was a 2D movie, then probably it would not have been this huge hit.

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