I have moved my blog ..


I have moved to a new hosted solution for my blog now.

Yes, its something I have been wanting to do for a very long time now.  Last few days I was busy in the installation & configuration of the new wordpress blog for my website, and hence the absence for last few days.

Anyways, so henceforth all the new blog posts will appear on the hosted solution and will no longer be posted on the earlier wordpress.com account. Anyways, the URL http://sollerthoughtscouk.thirdbuttonred.com has been ported successfully so it should be transparent to you all.

Hopefully the movement to the hosted solution will give me good capability to build even better blog site and add offer few more features on the website.

Cheerio !

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  1. start or include an interactive session via chat..
    like meeting of the minds.. or brainstorming session

    Include a calender that shows people available online who are following a particular topic so they can start..

    eg: GTALK can be used as it can be inculded and shows when the user is online.

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