Thoughts on retirement from work … of my dad !


Recently, my father, (Prof. R. K. Deshpande) retired from long and distinguished service service as a Botany Lecturer in Science college and on the occasion of his retirement and I had a privilege to be part of his last day at his work and the small facilitation by his department in his honour.

It was a wonderful occasion of honouring a career that spanned over almost 3 decades and with various achievements, it was great to see his colleagues acknowledging his contribution to their career, work and the legacy he has been leaving behind.

His work life has taught few very important lessons especially to me which I would like to remember forever my life and practice the.  

“Problems will always be there, you need to find a solution and move ahead.”

A career spanning over three decades, for sure, would have had its fair share of troubles and problems. However, he had always followed the principle of facing the problems and finding his way out rather than worrying over the problems and their impacts. He is of firm belief that every problem is mitigable and we must strive to solve the problems and ensure they do not arise later.

“Discipline, hard work & foresight are three pillars of success.”

Discipline, hard work & foresight are very important aspects for getting a success in life.  He taught us the fact that all three must go together if you want to achieve greater success in life. If you leave one out, then you are in a danger of not fulfilling your potential.

“Have your own principles, thoughts and be firm with them.”

My father always encouraged us to take our own decisions in life then be it the choice of school. college, subjects or courses or even wife. He had given us a greater freedom of ensuring that we are responsible for making the decisions that affect our life.  He had never enforced his opinion or rule on us which we simply had to abide by. He is a man of principles and has followed them all his life and had never compromised on them and so does he encourages us to do in our respective lives.

You would not believe the fact that although I was a student in the same college he was a lecturer in, he gave me a freedom NOT to choose his subject for my college education and go for other subjects !

“Do something that interests you, apart from your job !”

My dad has been a versatile personality. Although he had been a teaching professional all his life, his multi faceted personality had shades of being an excellent singer, a very good musician, a very capable stage actor and a very social person. He had composed many songs, given a voice to them and had his music shows at quite a few places across Maharashtra. He also had a keen interest in acting and had played various characters in various stage plays and again had toured across various places in Maharashtra.  He still does have a passion for music and arts and that is something amazes me of his personality. 

Hats off to his work in the creative field and I can only wish I could have so many talents in me !


Papa, You are a great human being, a humble man and source of inspiration for our family and we all love you !


  1. Good post, nice thoughts. On “Do something that interests you, apart from your job”, I would rather say that do something that interests you AS your job. In our parents time there were not enough possibilities for someone to earn a decent living by doing what they love, but we can.

  2. Hey swap, its a memorable day & important milestone for your family..
    I wish health and happiness to all n especially to your dad… stay close and have fun.

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