Trauma of being an United fan !

In an ideal world, watching sports on TV, could be a good hobby. Especially if the game you love and the team you follow appears on television live match, the mad sports lovers stick to the television as if there is no tomorrow.

Manchester_United_Logo_by_StrongzDesignzAs you might have seen from my introduction page, I am a fanatic follower of Manchester United for football team and I must admit, last few weeks have not been the best of the life so far. All started with a disappointing defeat to Bayern Munich in the first leg of quarter final first leg, followed by a heart breaking defeat to Chelsea at Old Trafford and more over, an absolutely mentally disastrous exit from Champions league at the hands of Bayern Munich FC.  I thought things will be better at Blackburn, but unfortunately another 2 dropped points will most probably cost the team the Premiership championship.  Another huge disappointment !

As the football gives joy when the team wins, it gives even more pain when the team loses. In India, most of the matches are are on air, mostly after the midnight and watching these matches through the night like owl and at the end, getting a feeling of loss, is sometimes irrecoverable. Unfortunately, if the team loses or does not win, the pain of that translates into a tiredness at work next day and sometimes lasts for almost a day or two.  Also, it does not help my rapport with my wife !

Moreover, Kolkata Knight Riders are not giving me any joy in cricket too! Although I follow it because I am a huge fan of Sourav Ganguly, and can probably take solace even if the team loses and he does well !

Life of a football fan is not easy and I am experiencing it now !