5 things to learn from 6 month olds !

Smile !My son Shrav became 6 months old last in March and has now grown into a very naughty boy.  Just observing him makes me feel a lot better and happier.

Although he is only 6 months, he still has provided me with few valuable lessons in my life.

1. Smile !

Sharv looks at everyone and smiles. He makes everyone’s day and we love him for that !

Explore !2. Explore !

Since he is able to move his hands and roll around, he has started to explore lot of things. Anything that comes under his radar, he grabs and instantly starts exploring it with his touch and taste senses ! While exploring he would show lot of curiosity which I believe is important to learn any new thing in life !!

3. Express !

Expressing emotions and feelings are very important for self health. I mentioned about that in my previous post on this blog. Sharv never stays away from shouting or crying or laughing if he feels like doing so. If he is not getting enough attention, he would shout.  If something is bothering him, he would give the loudest cry in the world and if he is happy, he would keep on smiling and laughing !

Relax ! 4. Fearless !

Although he would never know at this age what fear is and what should be done, not done. He holds no fear in trying new things. There has been couple of instances that he has launched himself off the sofa or the bed while playing with his toys. Yes, he would cry very loud but will do it again 🙂

5. Relax !

After bath will be his most relaxing period.  He loves playing with water during his bath and loves to relax after his bath time workout is done. He likes to take enough sleep and does not stretch himself just for the sake of staying awake !

My daughter as well had taught all above to me when she was 6 months ! Pity, I did not have this blog back then.


  1. I can very well understand what are you going through its a whole new world and experience. My kids are a year old and they are getting naughtier by the day..

    They just seem to understand every bit now and caught us wondering what would they do next to amaze us.

    God bless Sharv he’s very cute baby.

    1. Very true Sawan! Whole day of tiredness just gets over as soon as you go home and see your kids. Its just an amazing (although sometimes frustrating) feeling to be with them at home 🙂

  2. You forgot the 6th important thing that babies teach you:

    Dont hold back when it is time to potty. Leave that meeting room NOW!!!
    🙂 Your son is very cute….

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