Leadership Management – Being an effective presentation participant

How would you feel while sitting in a board room, listening to some rant by a very uninteresting person on a vary boring topic !  Believer me, the life @ hell is nothing different than that !

I know, I know, its really difficult to be a patient listener  … and a patient reader as well, hence this will be a quickie.

However, I thought following quick tips might help you in enjoying some of the most boring presentations in your life,



Listen with understanding and do not be judgmental while the presentation is going on.  If you make up your mind that the presenter is a person of ‘such and such type’, it really becomes difficult to get your interest back on track.



Not the presentation, but the faults of the presenter. Always see the intention, summary or the gist of the presentation rather than the actual dialog delivery and apparent things. Think on how you can make up your opinion based on the data / presentation content rather than who is presenting and how !



Voice your opinion on time, precisely and clearly.  It helps the presenter to come back on track if things are going out of sight !



Make an effort to keep the person motivated and ask questions that you feel he could answer. Typically boring topics are also boring for the presenter and they tend to rush or slow things unnecessarily. Hence a participation from your side can actually help close things faster.


So, in short, show a LOVE for the presentation and you would not get the biggest distress in your life next time you are invited for a boring talk !

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