How social are today’s festivals ?

This is something I have been thinking for a while during this festival season.  Really, what do you think ? How social are today’s festivals ?

diwali_lamps I remember the days when I was a kid and the way we used to celebrate the festivals. Every festival, be it a Sankranti, Holi, Ganesh Chathuthi, Durga puj, Dussehra or Diwali.  It was always a fun with the family and friends where all of us used to really make an effort to ensure we meet and wish each other in person.  In case it was not possible to meet in person, we actually did try and ensure we at least spoke with them on phone. 

I really miss the days when we, as young kids, with the group of friends used to celebrate each festival with so much joy, passion and happiness. Somehow, I feel that the feeling is lost really !  Do you also feel the same ?

In today’s world, although we claim that the technology has brought the world closer and distances are shorter, unfortunately, I sincerely feel that it has distanced the friends and families. Although the convenience of technology helps us reach hundreds of people across the world in one message, it has made it very hard for us to walk down the aisle and greet our neighbor on this festival.

I feel sad and nostalgic when I remember the good old days when we still had the urge to personally reach out to each other just to say hello.  Today, a simple anonymous Facebook status update, or a tweet makes us feel our job is done.  To put this in cruel way, it feels like putting your wishes on the table and asking people whoever wants to take it, please accept, otherwise don’t care.  Also, there are so many people who ‘show’ you care by wishing you via email in BCC. I wrote about how I feel about them in a quick article last year too.

I am, honestly, not sure about the reasons behind the change in the behavior of individuals over the year, but really can’t help to think and put my thoughts on this topic here.

What are your views on this ?  How much social are today’s festivals really ?


  1. A very worthy topic deserving some time for thought. My thoughts on this are that we are living through a period of a upheaval created by the advances and penetration of information and communication technologies. The pace of this technological change is creating huge challenges for our social minds to keep pace. On one hand we are able to reach out and start new relationships very easily. On the other hand there is the tension of hanging on to the richness of the old traditions which seems to be going missing (like baby with the bath water). I feel that the challenge for us is to embrace the change and find new ways of integrating the traditional values using new methods. To me it feels like that that social and economic revolutions are inevitable to rebalance the current upheaval. The big question is how we can be pro-active in bring about a wholesome enrichment to our social experiences through new ways and new traditions. At the same time make the next part of the journey a pleasant and exciting one.

  2. Dear Madhoo, thanks for finding time to visit and put up a comment. I think the comment you put is really sensible in terms of the situation we are in currently, of course by our own choice and without anyone else’s fault. The question here is how we value our relationship in life. In my opinion, the the festivals give us time to express our feeling with the people to tell them how valuable they are in our life and thank for that. Somehow, I feel that the technology advances have in turn made us lazy enough to take one step and do that. I am counting myself in too in this !
    Somehow, we have gone for quantity over quality in our life due to this .. I feel !

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