Is little cheating now part of ethics?– Stories


ethics-signStory 1

Teacher to father of a primary class student : Your son today took a pencil from his friend’s pencil box without asking him.

Father to teacher : I am so sorry teacher, I give him everything he needs so I am not sure why he would do it. I would ensure he does not do it again.  I am very sorry!

Father gets home, calls his little son and angrily reacts,

Father to son : This has been the most embarrassing day in my life. Your teacher told me that you took the pencil of your friend from his pencil box, without telling him.  This is disgusting and I am very angry and feeling ashamed my son could do this.

If you wanted, I could have got you a dozen from my workplace!


Story 2

Vijay has been an average person in his profession, however wanted to move on from present job for few reasons. He appears for interview of company 1, get selected, accepts the offer to join the company 1.  With no worry of staying in the current company, he starts hunting for a better offer than offer he received from company 1, due to his little knowledge, previous experience and desperate need of hiring company, he soon gets offer 2 from company 2 and soon an offer 3 from company 3.

He is very proud of his own efforts to collect and accept so many offers from different companies and finally tries to resign from his present company.  Of course, despite him having 3 offers with him, first thing he tries is to negotiate better terms with the existing company, just in case he can juice most from them.  Well, the present company is unable to match the offer made by companies outside and decides to let him go.

Still undecided where to join, he sends letter of acceptance to all three companies with the thought that he would decide whom to join later.  He feels its an honor to have options in hand till last date.  So finally on the day of joining, without informing company 1 & company 3 he joins company 2 and starts working.

He is proud of his own career, the decisions he has made while switching the job and collection of offers he could gather (in this case 3) during the transition.  He is extremely happy telling how he turned down offers from company 1 and company 3 to everyone.

Do the above stories look familiar?

If yes, do you think in our present life ‘little bit cheating’ is now part of ethics and corporates are warming up to this fact?

Do let me know.

Note – by the way the name ‘Vijay’ was the most familiar name I could remember. No pun intended towards any specific person.


  1. In my opinion,Ethics are (mostly) based on the personal values and induces a behaviour, with certain degree of predictability,which guides in forming policies.Be it personal,corporate,governmental.. anything.It is when this predictability is compromised,by and to a large extent,a review of policy is required.

    It is no wonder that corporates are cautious about these facts and will come up with a ready mitigation.

    1. Thulasiram, nice comment but I still feel that somewhere in everyone’s life we have inculcated ‘little cheating’ as an acceptable criteria. If you look at roads, the way vehicles are parked around the signals also tells you how people cheat in generally. The basic situation here is the fact that ‘do we feel we are cheating?’ and we do it only till the time we do not feel we are. We do not want to hurt our super ego for being a cheater.

  2. Very true Swapnil. I am in agreement with you. Sorry,I felt too carried away with the Story2 presented and missed your question.Competition,Lack of awareness,all have their role to play,but,majorly conscience has partly gone a little numb somewhere and as as you say, we do not want to hurt our super ego,for being a cheater.

    And yes,a little bit of corruption,is now ethically acceptable.Even semiconductors behave well when doped moderately 🙂

  3. Well we need to consider the other aspect too , I switched job just two months back because I wanted to work on something I really liked, I had 3 offers from different companies , I took the one with the lowest pay just because they were offering me a work profile that i always wanted to work on , i declined the other two offers , and now when i joined this company ,I am being asked to work something very different from what i was promised.the reason being given to me is the changing business requirement.

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