imageAs a part of the MavenGuru program, yesterday we took out our students for a visit to AlphaBricks Technologies.

Overall, the visit was organized with a purpose of giving students a perspective of how work happens within the IT companies and making them understand the dynamics of corporate environment. During the visit, the students got a chance to interact with key people within the company including the Head of HR and the Managing Director of the company.

Here, in this blog article, I just thought of sharing the message we got from these industry veterans.


Address from the HR Head to the students

Roopa Dadia, The Head of HR in AlphaBricks was kind enough to host the entire batch of students and more than keen to speak and solve all the queries that students raised to her.

In her address to the students, she focused on following four main points.


Having right communication is key towards a successful career. The communication does not only mean a good written or verbal English language knowledge and conversational skill. However, its very important to know how to communicate and especially when you need to communicate to whom.


Knowledge is the foundation of success. Unless you have knowledge of the subject matter or a clear understanding of your work, you would never be able to put quality in your work. Without the sufficient knowledge, you may never be able to be independent at work and would suffer from lack of growth.

Having practical experience

As much as theory is important, having the practical knowledge of the subject is more important. The work that happens in IT is completely based on putting your knowledge into practice, so having a good practical knowledge of the subject helps you in getting prepared for the good start in your career.

Thinking out of box

Carrying a unique thinking or having a different thinking often leads you to innovative solutions to even some of the routine problems. Keeping in mind today’s business scenario, having an out of the box thinking is essential at work so that you can always be ahead of the game.


Address from the Managing Director to the students

Samir Dadia, The Managing Director of AlphaBricks has a rich experience of starting up, establishing and growing companies. The students were really happy and felt inspired when he addressed the students. He gave a motivational talk to the students on how they can shape up their future at early stage of life with careful planning and precise thinking.

His important message for students was to have ambitious goal in life and have a vision (dream) of life that they would want to pursue. He recommended that the goal of life needs to be big enough and long term so that we can work towards achieving it and keep rising in our own career in the journey.

He advised students to look beyond the salaries in early career since the focus should be on learning and building competency. The early years in career should be looked at self-investment and should be used to make the strong foundation of knowledge and practical experience of work.



Overall, the students felt motivated and inspired by the visit and left with a rich feeling of having experienced first hand the corporate world of IT.


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